Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Book Review: "Local Woman Missing" by Mary Kubica

Local Woman Missing, Mary Kubica's newest book, is a twisty, slightly creepy mystery/thriller about a small town dealing with the reopening of old wounds.

Eleven years ago, Shelby went out for a run late one night, leaving her infant daughter at home with her husband. She never returned. Shortly thereafter, Meredith, a doula, and her young daughter, Delilah, disappear.

Are these disappearances related? Did the women even know each other? Their small town is rocked as they search for answers, but eventually, although some leads are found, the cases grow cold.

It turns out both women had secrets and, quite possibly, enemies. Did those secrets lead to their disappearance?

When a young woman is found after being held captive for a long time, many questions arise. Is it Delilah? All signs seem to point to that, but why does her younger brother Leo, who was just an infant when Delilah disappeared, have doubts?

Local Woman Missing had me on edge throughout nearly the entire book, as I couldn’t wait to see how everything tied together. There was definitely a creepy vibe to it.

And then...I felt completely let down by the ending. I like twists and surprises but I don’t like when things come out of left field as they did. It seemed like everything to that point was just to throw you off the track. It was disappointing because I thought the book was so good until then.

I know lots of people have raved about Local Woman Missing. Some have complained about the ending but said that they loved the rest of the book so much that they didn't let it bother them. I definitely think this is still worth a read; hopefully you won't feel the same way I did.

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