Sunday, May 16, 2021

Book Review: "The Last Thing He Told Me" by Laura Dave

Laura Dave's new thriller, The Last Thing He Told Me, asks the question, how well do we really know the people we love?

Once again, the one book I didn’t pick as part of my Book of the Month box in May was the one giving me FOMO! I’m so glad I picked this up because it was so good.

Hannah never thought she’d get married, and she was fine was that. But then she met Owen and she realized she’d found the man she wanted to spend her life with. And despite his teenage daughter, Bailey, resenting her, their first year of marriage has been a good one.

One day she gets a message from Owen that says “Protect her.” Then he disappears, just as the software company he worked for is raided by the FBI. Was he complicit in the things they say his company did? Why did he run? And should she trust the U.S. marshal who seems to know more than he’s saying?

As Hannah realizes that Owen isn’t whom he said he was, while there are implications for her and her marriage, there are even greater ones for Bailey. Has her whole life been a lie? Together they try to figure out the truth, unaware of just what that will mean for them.

“That’s how you fill in the blanks—with stories and memories from the people who love you. If they lie to you, like he did, who are you then? Who is he?”

The Last Thing He Told Me is part-mystery, part-thriller, but it’s also an introspective story, a look at love and relationships and truth and doing everything for those you love. The pacing is slow at times and fast at others, but I was totally hooked on the story.

I know it’s been optioned for a television movie and that totally makes sense. Loved this!

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