Sunday, May 30, 2021

Book Review: "The Siren" by Katherine St. John

The Siren, Katherine St. John's newest book, really has So. Much. Drama.

The Caribbean island of St. Genesius is going to be the setting of spectacular drama, both on-screen and off. Megastar Cole Power has agreed to star in The Siren, a film written by his son, Jackson, and in a major casting coup, Cole’s ex-wife, Stella Rivers, has agreed to co-star. After their marriage fizzled, Stella had a long run of public breakdowns and incidents, visited a rehab or two, and is finally trying to get her career back on track.

Taylor Wasserman is producing the movie and hopes the success will help give her a second chance in the film industry after her ruthless father ruined her reputation with a scandal. But it won’t be easy—Cole has a reputation for being a manipulative womanizer, Stella is supposed to stay sober throughout the filming (no easy feat there), and then there’s Stella’s new assistant, who definitely seems to have secrets of her own.

As if keeping everyone’s egos and weaknesses in check isn’t difficult enough, there are challenges during filming. And then a hurricane is headed for St. Genesius. Will the film get made? Will anyone survive? What damage will the secrets that surely are hidden do to the film and its participants?

You know, I love good melodrama, and boy, The Siren had it by the boatload. It was full of secrets and lies and scandals and romance galore, with lots of possible scenarios as people’s schemes and lies and treachery start to see the light of day.

I wasn’t planning to read this because I was the only person on earth who didn’t love the author’s first book (The Lion's Den), but FOMO on Bookstagram is a powerful thing!! I liked this better for sure. There certainly were lots of twists I saw coming (kudos for the one I didn’t), but it was definitely a fun, soapy ride.

There’s no drama like drama on a movie set!!

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