Friday, May 28, 2021

Book Review: "Yearbook" by Seth Rogen

Yearbook, the new book from Seth Rogen, is a funny collection of vignettes/recollections from the comic actor.

What’s your feeling on Seth Rogen? Do you think he’s funny? Are you a fan of him and his movies? I think he’s talented and I’ve enjoyed some of his stuff, but my general feelings toward him definitely depend on my mood. (Then again, I feel that way about everyone, lol.)

Sometimes the wildly or mildly outrageous stoner comedy appeals to my juvenile sense of humor and sometimes I simply chuckle. I do love how self-deprecating and awkward he can be. (Plus he gives hope to chubby Jews everywhere, so thank you very much!)

That’s kind of how I felt about Yearbook, Rogen’s collection of reflections, memories, rants, etc. Some of the chapters made me laugh out loud (luckily it was in the privacy of my own home), some made me chuckle, and some I thought, “Ok...” But overall, I really enjoyed myself.

Rogen tackles everything from the joy he’s found in stand-up comedy since he was 12 (and his grandparents were his first subjects), taking karate, having a Bar Mitzvah, and going to summer camp, to his experience making

The Green Hornet, and ranting a bit about Twitter and Donald Trump. (It’s not a political book by any means but he makes his feelings known, which could be a trigger for some.)

Funny books, particularly those written by comedians, are often hit-or-miss for me, so I’m glad to say this was mostly a hit. It’s silly but fun, and I certainly can use more of that in my life lately. And I'd bet this would be a fun one to listen to!

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