Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Book Review: "Happy Singles Day" by Ann Marie Walker

Ann Marie Walker's Happy Singles Day is a feel-good rom-com about two people who say they’re fine being single. (Yeah, sure.)

Paige knows how to take control of chaos. As a certified professional organizer, she helps her clients get their clutter under control and find peace with the more-organized version of themselves.

Ironically, the only thing Paige doesn’t have control over is her love life. Well, she does have control, in that she isn’t interested in having one. She’s combatted loneliness with work, and now she’s rewarding herself with a vacation to celebrate Singles Day.

She’s not happy to find that the charming bed-and-breakfast she booked a room at isn’t quite what was advertised. At least the scenery is great to look at—particularly Lucas, the owner of the B&B, which hasn’t been operational for some time.

Lucas isn’t pleased that his meddling sister took Paige’s reservation and promised much more than he or the inn could deliver. He knows his sister is hoping this will be the push he needs to get the business going, and perhaps make a fresh start romantically, but he’s not interested in spending time with any women except his young daughter, Maddie.

Could two people with nothing in common except their desire not to be in a relationship connect with one another? Is their desire for solitude real, or is it a defense mechanism? Can the professional organizer bring order to the handsome yet surly innkeeper?

I’ll bet you know what will happen. Happy Singles Day really was an adorable rom-com, full of all my favorite plot devices—puppies, rainstorms, forced proximity, and meddling siblings and friends. It’s predictable but sweet, and deals with overcoming grief and taking second chances.

If you’re looking for something light and fun, here’s a cute one for you!

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