Monday, November 15, 2021

Book Review: "The Geek Who Saved Christmas" by Annabeth Albert

This M/M romance by Annabeth Albert is sweet and super sexy, and it gave me All. The. Feels!!

Well, as of November 11, I’ve read my first holiday romance. I’m planning to read a bunch between now and the end of the year, and hope they all have couples to ship like Paul and Gideon!!

Gideon Holiday (adorbs) truly lives up to his name. He’s never met a decoration he doesn’t like (but always tasteful), loves a bargain, and is the center of his neighborhood’s holiday decorating efforts. Nearly everyone is a fan of the spirit he brings—everyone except his grumpy but super-hot neighbor, Paul Frost.

For his part, Paul isn’t grumpy, he just doesn’t like the holidays. He’s not one for participating—it’s just him and his dog. He sees Gideon’s enthusiasm and thinks he’s handsome (albeit a little uptight), but it’s just not his thing. And he has his reasons.

Until Paul’s younger brother, whom he raised himself, announces he’s coming to town for Christmas with his girlfriend—and he wants to use the holiday backdrop to propose. He’s expecting the whole thing—tree, snow, decorations. What’s Paul going to do, when he was planning to spend the holiday hiding out in his bare house?

Of course, it’s Gideon to the rescue. He steps in with his carefully thought-out plans to help Paul add life to his house and decorate for Christmas. And as Gideon works his magic, he starts to understand what’s behind Paul’s anti-holiday spirit, and he can’t keep himself from wanting to deck his halls. (Sorry, I can’t resist.)

I thought The Geek Who Saved Christmas was just so adorable and super-steamy. (Man, does Albert write some HOT M/M sex scenes!) But there’s romance, emotion, and some heavier stuff, too, which just makes the story so well-rounded and squee-worthy. And I loved that these characters were in their 40s.

I’m ready for more holiday love stories!!

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