Saturday, November 20, 2021

Book Review: "Model Home" by J. Courtney Sullivan

In J. Courtney Sullivan's short story Model Home, all is not rosy behind the scenes of a popular home remodeling program.

“Lately I think of my husband as a disappointment turducken: a lack of ambition wrapped in a beer gut wrapped in a statement tee designed for a much fitter man.”

Katie and her husband Damian are the hosts of “Down Home,” the nation's second-most popular home-makeover show. They seem to have at all: a loving marriage, sweet tween daughters who have grown up in the public eye, and the talent to change people’s lives through their creative eyes.

In truth? Their marriage is failing, their daughters hate Katie and refuse to appear on the show, and at the end of the season, when their contract is up, Damian wants out. Katie can’t imagine what her life will be like if the show ends, and what it will mean for her marriage and her life.

While none of the characters are very sympathetic, this was a compelling and quick read, where nothing is quite like it seems!

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