Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Book Review: "I'm Dreaming of a Wyatt Christmas" by Tiffany Schmidt

I'm Dreaming of a Wyatt Christmas (how can you not love this title?) is a sweet YA book about the holiday spirit, crushes, friendship, and trying to put grief behind you.

Noelle Partridge (another super-adorable name for a holiday rom-com) loves Christmas. She always plans major activities for her and her best friends, and she and her father always team up to try and have the best holiday they can, because it helps them deal with the loss of her mother.

But this year, her friends are making every excuse not to do Christmas activities and her father is barely paying any attention to her or the upcoming holidays. So when one of her best babysitting clients asks her to accompany their family on a ski trip over the holidays, she jumps at the chance. The snow can awaken her spirit and she can make lots of money to help pay for Beacon, the exclusive ballet school she wants to attend.

What she doesn’t count on, however, is the arrival of Wyatt, her babysitting charges’ older stepbrother. Wyatt is a fantastic dancer at Beacon and Noelle has an enormous crush on him. Of course, things are awkward and Wyatt doesn’t understand why Noelle is there with his family, but after a while they both let their guards down and share their anxieties and sadness with each other.

This is a YA novel which definitely skews really young, so it would be perfect for younger readers. There’s none of the heavy emotional angst or mature themes you usually find in YA books. It's a cute read!

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