Saturday, November 27, 2021

Book Review: "Nanny Needed" by Georgina Cross

Be warned: Nanny Needed takes you on quite a wild ride!

The flyer advertising for a nanny position seemed to be the answer to Sarah’s prayers. She can’t seem to get out from under the mountain of debt accumulated while her beloved aunt, who raised her, was dying, and Sarah and her boyfriend are struggling to make ends meet.

The “Discretion is of the utmost importance” line on the flyer doesn’t worry Sarah. Maybe she’ll take care of the daughter of an actor or other celebrity.

When she meets Collette Bird, she feels an instant connection. She feels more like a friend, and Sarah can’t wait to spend time with her and nearly four-year-old daughter, Patty. Sarah is blown away by the Birds’ Upper West Side penthouse apartment, and she quickly agrees to the job and signs the NDA without a thought.

And that’s when the crazy s—t starts to hit the fan, y’all. One twist I saw coming, but the plot just takes off like a rocket at one point. You really need to suspend your disbelief for some of it, which is something I don’t really enjoy in thrillers, so if you’re good with that, you may be totally hooked.

Still, Nanny Needed is one page-turner I couldn’t put down. And it goes to show you—if it seems too good to be true, IT IS.

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