Thursday, November 25, 2021

Book Review: "The Santa Suit" by Mary Kay Andrews

If you need a book to get you in the holiday spirit, here it is!

Ivy, still hurting and bitter from her recent divorce, which forced her to leave the company she helped build, is ready for a new start. Tired of the rat race in Atlanta, she decides to buy an old farmhouse—sight unseen—in the small town of Tarburton, NC. She hopes that this will be the jumpstart she needs to redo her life.

It turns out, however, that the house is a little more “well loved” than she expected, and the previous owners’ relatives left nearly everything in the house. Among the possessions left behind is a gorgeous, old-fashioned Santa suit. (The previous owner was the town’s Santa Claus for many years.)

Inside the pocket of the Santa suit, Ivy finds a letter from a young girl hoping her father comes home from the war. Why did he keep this particular letter? Did the girl have her wish come true? With not much else to do but add to her growing list of necessary home repairs, Ivy decides to do some digging into the letter, and her detective work connects her with some new friends.

At the same time, her handsome real estate agent seems to be all too willing to help her at a moment’s notice. Should she let her heart go where it wants, or does taking another chance only risk disaster?

The Santa Suit is such a heartwarming story, full of small-town charm, holiday spirit, hope, and love. You could almost feel the snow in the air and get enveloped in the holiday atmosphere. It was so freaking charming!!

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