Saturday, November 20, 2021

Book Review: "The Holiday Swap" by Maggie Knox

Simply put, The Holiday Swap is all kinds of adorable.

Charlie is a successful pastry chef and co-host of a renowned baking show. She’s battling with her annoying co-host to get her own show, so when a concussion robs her of her senses of taste and smell, she knows that she’s in trouble.

Cass, Charlie’s twin sister, is trying to prove to their parents that she can take over the family bakery. At the same time, she has to convince her long-time boyfriend that she does NOT want to marry him, but he can’t seem to get the message.

What else is there to do? The sisters—identical twins at that—decide to switch places for a week. This way, Cass can salvage Charlie’s show and hopefully keep her co-host at bay, and the more no-nonsense Charlie might be able to clean up Cass’ personal life. No one will figure it out, right?

Of course, nothing is as simple as it sounds. And when a firefighter and a physician’s assistant get involved, there’s sure to be confusion—and trouble!

When I was young, I used to dream of having an identical twin brother with whom I could trade places whenever we wanted. I love that The Holiday Swap took that concept to a new level.

This was a cute read, but if you’re a carbs junkie like me, don’t read this on an empty stomach, because mine was GROWLING while reading this! (BTW, Maggie Knox is actually the pen name for two authors, Karma Brown and Marissa Stapley.)

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