Sunday, November 28, 2021

Book Review: "Window Shopping" by Tessa Bailey

The cold of the holiday season is tempered by the steam in this Christmas novella from Tessa Bailey, Window Shopping!!

“I’ll never be able to explain why I deviated from my route and veered down the bustling thoroughfare of high-end shopping. If I was a girl who believed in magic, I would say there was a tingle of Christmas magic in the air that propelled me east, carrying me through the shopper’s paradise on a wintery gust of wind.”

Stella needs to rebuild her life but doesn’t know how to start. Somehow she winds up in the mash of tourist traffic in front of the department store windows, and gets stuck looking at the holiday displays of the famed Vivant department store.

For someone who once dreamed of a career in fashion and design, the displays don’t impress her, and it’s hard not to hide her distaste. And when a handsome, fancily dressed stranger sees her expression and asks her opinion, how could she know he runs the store his family owns?

But this man—Aiden—encourages her to apply for a window dressing position at the store. (She still has no idea who he is other than that he works for the store.) That could be a dream—but she has a secret that would keep anyone from hiring her. So why does she show up for the interview anyway?

For his part, Aiden can’t get Stella out of his mind. He’s determined to make her a part of Vivant despite her background, no matter what his family might say. And it’s not just her design mind and talent that intrigues him…

This was a cute, sexy holiday story, complete with insta-love, second chances, and window displays. Insta-love isn’t always my favorite trope but it’s enjoyable here, and Tessa Bailey always knows how to bring the steam like it rises from the winter streets in NYC!!

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